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Copyright News

Story of the Week

Ninth Circuit on Fair Use and DMCA Takedowns,

Copyright holders must consider {cbt-quote}Fair Use{cbt-quote} defenses before issuing a takedown under the DMCA!

The Ninth Circuit holds that DMCA takedown request requires copyright owner to consider {cbt-quote}Fair Use{cbt-quote} defenses prior to filing takedown.

Patent News

What remains of business method patents?

Courts Drawing The Line On Business Method Patents

What remains patentable in terms of business methods these days? Both Congress and the Courts are slowly chipping away at protections for business method patents.

Trademark News

Extra! Extra!

Z-Burger trademarks stay with founder

Judge says {cbt-quote}absurd' that founder does not own trademarks in Z-Burger dispute.

Licensing News

Juicy Couture,Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Rock & Republic, Chorus Line, St. Tropez and Laundry. . .

Q. What do all of these brands all have in common?

{cbt-quote}The Ins and Outs of Brand Building With Licensing, Investment and Social Media{cbt-quote}

A. They were all acquired and now serve as in-house exclusive labels.

Social media and licensing as part of building a sustainable brand.

Intellectual Property News

The importance of IP to SME's. . .

Which comes first for an SME? The IP or the revenues??

IP = More Revenue for Small to Medium Size Enterprises

{cbt-quote}A recent study shows that only 9% of European SMEs own intellectual property rights. Those companies that do own intellectual property rights have over 32% more revenue per employee than the companies that don’t.{cbt-quote}

IP and Business

Great article shows the importance of IP and periodic IP audits for your business...{cbt-quote}Most business owners know they should protect their company intellectual property. But few do it properly or understand the risks.{cbt-quote}

IP Assets

{cbt-quote}Effective management of IP can benefit businesses by assisting them to grow through commercialisation opportunities and to develop a strong brand and business reputation,{cbt-quote} CAANZ's policy head Karen McWilliams said.

{cbt-quote}Ultimately, you will be able to minimise the risk of copycats, which can ultimately erode market share.{cbt-quote}

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