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Welcome to Pinnacle IP Strategies, LLC. Pinnacle IP Strategies is a
different kind of intellectual property law firm – it’s the kind of
firm you’ll be glad you dealt with.

Pinnacle IP Strategies is an IP boutique dedicated to providing
top-quality intellectual property services.

You get all of the benefits of an intellectual property attorney
with training from the finest large firms, combined with the flexibility
of a small firm. If you are looking for personal, responsive service
and a firm with the ability to adapt to your needs, you have found the
right firm.

If you want a top-quality patent application to protect your
invention at a fair price, of course, we can help with that. If you
need someone to assist with patent procurement – we are skilled at all
aspects of patent prosecution, as well as appeals of patent matters.
Scott Scioli, the founder of Pinnacle IP Strategies is a registered US
Patent Attorney with over 11 years of experience.

If you need to protect your branding with trademarks – we can help
you with that. If you have an online business and need to ensure your
websites are in compliance with the law – give us a call. And if
someone is infringing your trademarks with a domain name, or accusing
you of infringing their trademarks, please allow us assist you. You
may need a ‘cease and desist’ letter, or you may need assistance with a
UDRP proceeding – either way, Pinnacle IP will be there for you.

We also advise executives, high-net worth individuals, doctors,
attorneys and other professionals with online reputation issues. We
work closely with other experts in search engine optimization (SEO) and
search engine management (SEM) to overcome negative reviews and
increase the positive information found in online searches for your
name, your business, or your professional practice. Most importantly,
we work to ensure your legal needs are met during the process including
stopping people who are infringing your intellectual property,
impersonators, and people who are invading your privacy or other
rights. And we make sure it is all done ethically and to the highest

We assist you with copyright protection including protecting your
copyrights and helping to ensure you are not infringing other people’s
IP rights in a manner that will lead to legal problems. If you are an
author or blogger – give us a call for a free IP audit.

If you have been successful with developing your intellectual
property, we can assist with licensing and distribution of that IP or
any products. We can draft a license or distribution agreement for
you, or review any agreement you are about to enter to ensure your
rights are protected.

If you are in need of IP counsel for any matter, please consider
the many benefits of a modern boutique practice. If you value personal
service, candor, intelligence, and creativity, as well as dealing
directly with the attorney you’ve hired, instead of being passed from
associate to associate, please give us a call at 1-920-4-PINNACLE

If you would like a law firm that will listen to you and be responsive
to your needs – get in touch with us today!

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Scott was quoted by the Congressional Research Service in report to Congress on False Patent Marking Legislation Proposal


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