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Scott Scioli, Esq. IP Attorney with Pinnacle IP Strategies, LLC in the Philadelphia PA Metro Area

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Scott Scioli is a graduate of Michigan State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  After receiving his M.S., Scott spent 10 years of additional studies and graduate level research in food science and human nutrition, molecular biology, biochemistry, and plant science at Rutgers University.  He has authored or co-authored a number of published papers in the scientific and legal fields.  He is also a published photographer, though not a professional by any means.  Samples of his work are found in various places on the site (though not the Nepal photographs.)

Mr Scioli has served on the Board of Directors of several nonprofits, and has been actively involved in his church community.  In his spare time, Scott enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and other connections with nature.  Scott also has trained in the traditional Japanese martial art Aikido at Aikido Agatsu Dojos for over 20 years, under his instructors R. Crane and K. Crane, 6th Dan.  Scott enjoys working with and teaching adults and teens. Scott is a devoted husband and father.

Attorney Profile: Scott Scioli, Esq.

Scott Scioli is an intellectual property attorney helping clients start-up or further their business goals through acquiring, enhancing, protecting, and/or policing their intangible assets.  Mr. Scioli handles a wide variety of intellectual property matters including patent applications in a broad range of technologies.  Mr. Scioli serves clients’ needs in patents, branding and trademarks, copyrights, internet and domain issues, licensing, trade secrets, and more.

Clients on several continents ranging from start-up stage to Fortune 10 companies have sought out Scott’s expertise.   His unique broad technological experience includes food technology, biotechnology and pharma, agriculture, computers and software, nanotech, and electrical or mechanical devices, and Scioli has drafted patent applications and/or opined on patents in each of these technologies.

Scott particularly enjoys working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SME’s on all types of IP issues.  Scott says “I value my clients and work best with those who truly seek to forge solid relationships with their IP attorneys, and who value candor, intelligence, and creativity, as well as a commitment to service and ethical conduct.”

If you require top-quality intellectual property services including patent strategies, patent procurement (patent drafting and prosecution), trademark procurement, copyright advice, internet advice, licensing, general IP counseling, or strategic IP planning, give Scott a call.

More recently, after researching and writing in the area of reputation management, Scott is offering unique counseling to executives, attorneys, doctors, and high-net worth individuals who are dealing with online reputation issues as well as online complaints, scandals, false information, and other problems. Scott provides strategic counseling, and will take appropriate corrective or remediation measures for clients in a manner that is consistent with your ethical standards or those of your profession.

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